“We needed to challenge ourselves to think differently. Let’s change the experience of someone living with dementia. What’s at stake? Everything’s at stake!”

Can Korongee Village change the way we care for people living with dementia? Let’s find out...

Dementia. The perfect storm; it’s everything we fear about ageing – losing independence, being institutionalised, manhandled and isolated from partners, family and community.

It’s arguably Australia’s most prevalent, growing and least understood public health issue. It’s time for a ‘caring evolution’ – with people viewed through a social, rather than a medical, lens; keeping the individual centred in dementia care. It’s time to choose: maintain existing practices, exacerbating disorientation and misery, or embrace new methods emphasising freedom and safety for people with dementia.

Korongee village represents a groundbreaking opportunity; a brand-new facility in a working-class Hobart suburb, combining best-practice care and revolutionary design principles. It Takes A Village examines the ambitious, hopeful debut of a prototype that might revolutionise dementia care around the world.

The Films

It Takes a Village

56 Minute Documentary

Through the eyes and lives of a group of people living with dementia and their families, It Takes a Village examines a very different approach to dementia care.


10 Minute Short

What is dementia and how do we best care for those who live with it?


9 Minute Short

Why is music so important for many people who live with dementia?


9 Minute Short

Every person living with dementia has a unique history which needs to be honoured.


10 Minute Short

Moving into a dementia care facility can be traumatic but we can make it easier and more humane.

Group Activities

9 Minute Short

Group activities can help relieve the social isolation felt by people living with dementia.

Get Involved

Lobby Government

The Royal Commission into Aged Care in Australia was damning. Clearly it’s time to make changes in dementia care and it’s up to our governments – federal, state and local – to lead the way. Contact your elected representatives and demand change, even send them a link to our film.

Use Our Film

Roar Film is happy to make the 56 minute documentary available for screenings. It Takes a Village is available on Vimeo, DVD, as a video file on USB or as a download upon request.

Share the Trailer

Please share this website and trailer on social media – the more people who know about this project, the more likely we all are to achieve meaningful change.

Learn About Korongee

Find out more about Korongee Village’s revolutionary new approach to dementia care, take the virtual tour and keep up-to-date on news.

Become a Volunteer

Many Australian Aged Care and Dementia Care facilities rely on the generosity of volunteers. It’s a great way to help your community and meet some really interesting people.

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